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Welcome to the automatic gearbox service.

We specialize in professional and comprehensive service, regeneration, replacement, and repair of automatic gearboxes. Our services include the regeneration of automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes, repair of differentials and automotive transmissions including reducers. Our passion for cars drives us to continually deepen our knowledge towards modern solutions used in vehicles on our roads. We have modern and professional equipment, which allows our diagnostics to repair any manual and automatic transmission drive systems after a breakdown. Thanks to cooperation with foreign partners from Ireland and the UK, our service has quick access to original parts and replacements, which allows us to offer repairs, regeneration, and replacements of automatic gearboxes for virtually every type of passenger and off-road vehicle.

In our workshop, we also deal with the regeneration, repair of electronic control units for gearboxes of certain car brands. We offer a full repair service, disassembly, regeneration, and replacement of the clutch and automatic transmissions.

Clients bring us cars from all over Poland, but our service services are most often used by clients from cities such as Rzeszów, Kraków, Tarnów, Mielec, or Krosno, as well as other owners of automatic gearboxes from Podkarpacie or Małopolska.

Exquisite Service for Luxury Vehicles

At JP Skrzynie Automatyczne, we understand the precision and care required for luxury automobiles. Our expertise extends to high-end vehicles like Ferrari, Porsche, and Bentley, offering specialized services in servicing, repairing, and regenerating their sophisticated gearboxes. Our state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians ensure your luxury car receives the highest standard of care. Trust us to maintain the exceptional performance and elegance of your esteemed vehicle. Experience unparalleled service tailored for the discerning owner of luxury cars.

Types of automatic gearboxes

Repair of automatic gearboxes Kraków, Rzeszów - we repair automatic gearboxes in all passenger cars, off-road vehicles, and more! We are able to carry out regeneration and service of an automatic gearbox in any, especially those described below.

  • classic gearboxes;
  • dual-clutch gearboxes;
    • DSG gearboxes (Direct Shift Gearbox) installed in Volkswagen Polo, Golf, Jetta, Vento, Bora, Eos, Touran, New Beetle, Passat, CC, Sharan, Scirocco, Tiguan, Caddy, Transporter; Audi TT, A1, A3, S3, A4 and S4 (B8), A5, A7, A8 (D4), Q5, and R8; Seat Ibiza, Leon, Altea, Toledo, Alhambra; Skoda Fabia, Octavia, Rapid, Roomster, Superb II, Yeti
    • S-Tronic gearboxes - Audi
    • Power Shift gearboxes - Ford, Volvo
    • PDK Porsche gearboxes
    • DCT gearboxes - BMW, Hyundai (e.g., Tucson), Kia
    • EDC gearboxes - Renault
    • TCT gearboxes - Alfa Romeo
    • ZF gearboxes - BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Land Rover, Bentley
  • continuously variable automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) gearboxes installed in Audi (Multitronic); Nissan, Toyota.
  • Ferrari gearboxes
    • F1 DCT - an advanced dual-clutch gearbox used in modern Ferrari models, such as the F8 Tributo and SF90 Stradale.
    • F1 SuperFast - used in older models like the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

Automatic gearboxes are produced by manufacturers such as: ZF, Getrag, Jatco, Aisin, Borg Warner, GM

Oil Change in Automatic Gearboxes Kraków

Due to the rapid wear and tear of the oil in automatic gearboxes, it is necessary to replace it. So, how often should the gearbox oil be changed? Manufacturers often recommend the first oil change after about 60-100 thousand kilometers. Each subsequent oil change in an automatic gearbox should be done every 40-80 thousand kilometers, depending on working conditions. It is also worth doing such a replacement after purchasing a car, as we can never be sure of the actual mileage, how the car was used, and whether the oil was ever changed.

Oil changes in the gearbox can be divided into:

  • static oil change,
  • dynamic oil change.

Static oil change is a traditional gravity-based procedure involving unscrewing the drain plug to pour out the old oil and filling new, clean oil through the filler cap. Unfortunately, this method allows for only half of the oil to be changed, as some oil remains deep in the transmission of automatic gearboxes.

However, dynamic oil change in automatic gearboxes allows for the replacement of all the oil in the gearboxes. This ensures that completely fresh oil is introduced to the transmission. This method requires specialized equipment and extensive mechanic experience. The downside of this method is the higher cost of the gearbox oil change.

Common gearbox faults

A properly used gearbox is very durable, but since its construction is more complex than that of a manual gearbox, it is more prone to faults. Gearbox repairs (Kraków, Rzeszów) or the regeneration of DSG gearboxes are often necessary due to design flaws, old or improperly selected oil, or its absence, and due to high mileage. The most common failure of automatic gearboxes is mechanical damage incurred during driving, damage to rubber elements such as seals leading to oil leaks and consequently, a drop in system pressure, which contributes to the burning of friction discs. Hydraulic controllers are also often damaged due to contaminants circulating in the hydraulic circuit.

Symptoms of faults in automatic gearboxes

Common symptoms of an automatic gearbox problem include drive disconnection, lack of reverse gear, lack of high gears, jerking or visible oil leakage. Often, a gearbox operating cold (for the first 20 minutes after starting) behaves normally, but after reaching working temperature, it starts jerking or slipping. Other symptoms may include a burnt smell or an illuminated engine warning light. Initially, the problem may be very sporadic, but none of these symptoms should be ignored, and it is advisable to visit a professional service that provides automatic gearbox repair services.

Price - repair, diagnostics of automatic gearboxes Kraków, Rzeszów

Diagnosing automatic gearboxes requires a complex process of extracting and disassembling the entire gearbox. The cost of repairing an automatic gearbox depends on the extent of the damage. Often, such repair costs can only be determined after dismounting the gearbox from the car. Each gearbox is thoroughly diagnosed, and based on this, we prepare a repair estimate. Accurate diagnostics of automatic gearboxes will allow us to determine the extent of damage, what parts need to be ordered, and how much the repair of automatic gearboxes will cost in our service. Call us, visit our service, we will diagnose, and the price will surely not surprise you! Check out the reviews of our satisfied customers who have already used our services.

Repair Time

Many factors influence the repair time, e.g., the type of failure, the extent of damage, parts availability in the warehouse, and where they will be ordered from (Poland, Ireland, the UK, USA), as well as the current workload of customer vehicles. Our services are performed diligently and accurately, not quickly, which is why we are a leader among gearbox service centers.

JP Automatic Transmissions

How to Properly Use an Automatic Gearbox

Automatic gearboxes are easier to use than it seems, but they must be used skillfully. Improper use, such as clumsy gear shifting, can lead us to the auto workshop.

Every automatic gearbox has markings next to the gear shift lever.

P-R-N-D - Basic markings of an automatic gearbox

  • P (Eng. Park) - parking the car,
  • R (Eng. Reverse) - reverse gear, driving backward,
  • N (Eng. Neutral) - neutral position,
  • D (Eng. Drive) - driving forward.

Depending on the model, an automatic gearbox may also have the following markings:

  • 1,2,3 - these are positions that lock a specific gear. They are used depending on the situation, e.g., during mountain driving, getting out of snow or mud, etc.,
  • S (Eng. Sport) - the gearbox switches to sport mode, i.e., gears are changed at higher RPMs, and engine braking is increased,
  • W (Eng. Winter) - the gearbox switches to winter mode, i.e., it is used in difficult conditions such as slippery surfaces - the car starts in second gear.

If we are familiar with the markings of automatic gearboxes, how do we drive a car with an automatic transmission?

Mode P is used for longer stops when we want to turn off the engine and end further driving. The engine can only be turned off in mode P or N. Mode D allows us to drive forward; to switch from P to D, we must press the brake pedal fully and quickly (smoothly) move the lever so that modes R or N are not engaged along the way. Then we gently release the brake, and the car will start moving forward. When we want to stop, e.g., at lights, we only press the brake. Mode R is used when we want to reverse; to switch to this gear, we must first press the brake pedal fully. Mode N is used in emergency situations, e.g., when pushing or towing a vehicle. This mode is not used during normal driving.


What is an automatic gearbox?

An automatic gearbox is a type of transmission that automatically changes gears in a vehicle without the need for manual shifting. This means the driver does not need to use the clutch pedal or shift gears, which enhances driving comfort. In automatic gearboxes, a control computer takes into account speed, load, and other factors to select the appropriate gear.

What are the most common problems with automatic gearboxes?

The most common problems with automatic gearboxes include oil leaks, electronic issues, internal damage, and worn clutch discs. There can also be problems related to the gearbox's control computer, which may require repair or replacement.

What are the symptoms of an automatic gearbox failure?

Symptoms of automatic gearbox failure include difficulties in changing gears, jerking during gear changes, clutch slipping, oil leaks, noise during driving, performance loss, and electronic issues indicated by dashboard warning lights. In cases of problems with the gearbox's control computer, there can also be malfunctioning of electronic systems controlling the automatic gearbox.

Is it possible to regenerate an automatic gearbox?

Yes, regenerating an automatic gearbox is possible. It involves repairing and replacing damaged parts of the gearbox, which restores its full functionality. The regeneration process may also include the regeneration of the hydrokinetic clutch, which could be worn or damaged.

What are the benefits of regenerating an automatic gearbox?

Regenerating an automatic gearbox restores its full functionality and extends the vehicle's lifespan. This allows the driver to avoid the costly replacement of the entire gearbox and enjoy a smooth ride. Regeneration is also environmentally beneficial, as it allows for the reuse of parts and materials instead of manufacturing new ones.

How long does it take to regenerate an automatic gearbox?

The time required to regenerate an automatic gearbox depends on the extent of damage and the number of repairs needed. It can range from several hours to a few days or even weeks. In more complex repairs, such as fixing the gearbox's control computer, the time may be longer.

Is replacing an automatic gearbox expensive?

Yes, replacing an automatic gearbox is expensive. The cost depends on the car model and the extent of damage. In some cases, the cost of replacing the gearbox may exceed the value of the car. Therefore, regenerating automatic gearboxes, which can be more cost-effective than replacing the entire gearbox, is worth considering.

Does the automatic gearbox service offer a warranty on its services?

Yes, our service offers a warranty on its services, which means if the gearbox fails during the warranty period, we will repair it at no additional cost to the customer. The warranty covers both the regeneration of automatic gearboxes and other services related to the repair and maintenance of automatic transmissions.

What services does an automatic gearbox service provide?

The automatic gearbox service performs dynamic/static oil changes, including diagnostics and repair of gearboxes, replacement of damaged parts, gearbox inspection, and regeneration. As part of our service, we can also perform a dynamic oil change, which is more effective than traditional oil changes. The service can also advise customers on how to maintain their gearbox, such as recommending regular oil changes and monitoring the oil level in automatic transmissions.

How often should an automatic gearbox be serviced?

It is recommended to service an automatic gearbox every 60,000 kilometers or every two years. However, if a driver frequently drives in difficult conditions (e.g., in the city, on hilly roads), more frequent servicing of the gearbox may be necessary. If problems with automatic gearboxes occur, it is important to contact a service as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

What are the costs of servicing an automatic gearbox?

The costs of servicing an automatic gearbox can vary depending on the type of service and the model and brand of the car. Usually, the cost of changing oil in automatic gearboxes ranges from 500 PLN to even 3000 PLN. The cost of dynamic oil change may be slightly higher, but it provides better results. The cost of regenerating automatic gearboxes depends on the extent of damage and parts being replaced, and can cost from 8000 PLN to 20000 PLN or more. It is best to contact us directly for detailed information about the costs.

Does the automatic gearbox service offer services for all car brands?

Yes, we offer services for all car brands with automatic gearboxes. However, before using the services, it is advisable to make sure that they offer services for the specific model and brand of the car. For some models, specialized knowledge and tools may be required for servicing and repairing automatic gearboxes.

Is regenerating automatic gearboxes better than replacing with a new one?

Regenerating automatic gearboxes can be more cost-effective than replacing with a new one, especially when damage is limited to specific components of the gearbox. Regeneration allows for the repair and replacement of only damaged parts, which can significantly reduce costs compared to replacing the entire gearbox. Additionally, regeneration is environmentally friendly, as it allows for the reuse of parts and materials instead of manufacturing new ones.

How can the lifespan of automatic gearboxes be extended?

To extend the lifespan of automatic gearboxes, it is important to regularly service the gearbox and monitor the level and quality of the oil. Performing dynamic oil changes in automatic gearboxes can also help extend their lifespan. Additionally, avoiding aggressive driving, overloading the car, and frequent towing can help maintain the gearbox in good condition. If any symptoms of problems with the automatic gearbox occur, it is advisable to consult a service quickly to avoid further damage.

Is it possible to regenerate the hydrokinetic clutch in automatic gearboxes?

Yes, regenerating the hydrokinetic clutch is one of the available services in the automatic gearbox service. Regeneration of the hydrokinetic clutch involves repairing or replacing damaged components, which restores the full functionality of the clutch and improves the performance of the gearbox.

Do services for automatic gearboxes also include repairing the gearbox control computer?

Yes, services for automatic gearboxes also include diagnostics and repair of the gearbox control computer. The gearbox control computer is responsible for controlling and managing the gear-shifting process and other functions of the gearbox. In case of problems with the control computer, the service can repair or replace the damaged module to restore the proper functioning of the automatic gearbox.

Is it possible to perform diagnostics of automatic gearboxes at the service?

Yes, the automatic gearbox service offers diagnostics of automatic gearboxes using specialized diagnostic tools. The diagnostics allow for the quick identification of problems, such as errors in the gearbox control computer's software, mechanical damage, or issues with the hydraulic system. Based on the diagnostic results, the service can propose the appropriate repair or servicing of the gearbox.

Does the automatic gearbox service offer repair services for other car components?

Although we specialize in the repair and maintenance of gearboxes, we also offer repair services for other car components, such as the brake system, steering system, and exhaust system. We recommend consulting with us to find out what additional services are available.

Which automatic gearboxes should be avoided in passenger cars?

While automatic gearboxes offer comfort and convenience while driving, some models may be less reliable than others. Here are some automatic gearboxes to avoid in passenger cars due to higher failure rates or costly repairs:

  • Ford Powershift (DPS6) - This dual-clutch gearbox used in some Ford models had issues with vibrations, overheating, and clutch failures.
  • Volkswagen DSG (DQ200) - The DSG gearbox used in many Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Seat models had issues with clutch reliability, mechatronics, and oil leaks.
  • Chrysler Ultradrive (A604) - Used in some Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth models, this gearbox had issues with electronics and overheating.
  • ZF 9HP - This nine-speed gearbox used in some Honda, Land Rover, Jeep, and Acura models had issues with difficulties in shifting gears and clutch failures.

It is important to remember that not every automatic gearbox has issues, and some failures can be a result of improper use or servicing. Therefore, it is always recommended to closely observe any symptoms of gearbox problems and regularly service and change the oil to maintain the gearbox in good condition.

It is also important to note that car manufacturers often introduce design improvements in subsequent gearbox generations, which can lead to increased reliability. Before purchasing a car with an automatic gearbox, it is advisable to check the opinions of other users and the vehicle's service history to avoid potential problems.

What is the best automatic gearbox?

The choice of the best automatic gearbox depends on several factors such as driver preferences, car model, and the reliability and performance of the gearbox. Here are some popular and proven types of automatic gearboxes that have been recognized by both experts and car users:

  • Audi S tronic (DSG) - This dual-clutch gearbox is found in many Audi models, offering quick and smooth gear changes. The 7-speed version is particularly popular and is used in various models such as the A3, A4, A5, and Q5. S tronic provides sporty performance and good fuel economy.
  • Audi Tiptronic - This is a traditional automatic gearbox with a torque converter, found in some Audi models such as the A6, A8, Q7, and higher engine versions of other models. Tiptronic is known for its reliability, driving comfort, and smooth gear changes.
  • Audi Multitronic (CVT) - Although the Multitronic CVT gearbox had reliability issues in the past, newer versions of this gearbox are more reliable and improved. Multitronic offers smooth driving without jerking during gear changes and provides good performance with lower fuel consumption.
  • ZF 8HP - An eight-speed gearbox used in many models of BMW, Audi, Jaguar, and other brands. ZF 8HP is valued for its smooth and fast gear changes, reliability, and good performance.
  • Aisin AW TF-80SC - This six-speed gearbox is used in models of brands such as Volvo, Saab, Peugeot, Citroen, and Renault. It is known for its reliability, driving comfort, and smooth gear changes.
  • GM Hydra-Matic 6L80 - A six-speed gearbox used in some models of Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. It is appreciated for its durability, fuel efficiency, and smooth operation.
  • Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic - A nine-speed gearbox used in most newer models of Mercedes-Benz. It has gained recognition for smooth gear changes, performance, and reliability.

Of course, the best automatic gearbox for one person may be different for another, so it's important to consider individual needs and expectations. Before buying a car with an automatic gearbox, it is recommended to test different models and types of gearboxes to find the one that best suits your preferences and driving style.

How to identify the gearbox model in a car?

To identify the gearbox model in a car, you can follow these steps:

  • Service book or user manual - In many cases, information about the gearbox model can be found in the car's service book or user manual. Usually, these contain technical data of the car, including information about the gearbox.
  • Label on the gearbox - Often manufacturers label gearboxes with information about the model, serial number, and other technical data. The label may be located on the gearbox housing or nearby, but may require lifting the car or partial disassembly of covers to locate it.
  • VIN decoder - The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) contains information about various components of the car, including the gearbox. By entering the VIN into a VIN decoder (available online), you can obtain information about the gearbox model. However, remember that not all VIN decoders provide complete information about the gearbox.
  • Ask at a car service - If the above methods do not yield results, you can turn to an authorized car service or gearbox specialist. Based on the car's data, such as brand, model, and year of production, specialists should be able to identify the gearbox model.

In case of uncertainty about the gearbox model, it's always wise to consult an expert or car service to get accurate information and avoid potential problems related to incorrect identification of the gearbox.

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